Transition Process

The Presbytery plays an important role when a pastor retires or leaves for a new call. Larry Hooker, representing Salem Presbytery's East Neighborhood Commission on Ministry is already working with the Transition Committee on the steps we need to take. 

The chart below shows the usual order in which steps are taken to find an interim pastor, prepare for and call the new pastor.

1. The Pastor announces his/her intention to leave and requests dissolution of relationship with the congregation and a

congregational meeting.

2. The Transition Committee is appointed to begin a search for an interim pastor and will plan a farewell for the pastor. Salem Presbytery's Neighborhood Commission on Ministry (NCOM)appoints a liaison to work with the Transition Committee

3.The Interim Pastor working with the Mission Study Committee

completes the Mission Study

and financial review.

Here is where we are now

4. The NCOM approves the election of the Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) and the PNC fills out the Ministry Information Form (MIF).

Session adopts and sends the MIF and financial review to NCOM for review.


5. Presbytery Staff provides Church Leadership Connection login-in ID and password for the 

Pastor Nominating Committee

and Clerk of Session.


6. The Ministry Information Form is uploaded to the Church Leadership Connection. The

Clerk of Session and the NCOM sign off on the form electronically.

7. Presbytery staff conducts matches in the Church Leadership Connection with Pastor Information Forms that are emailed to the Pastor Nominating Committee moderator, in batches.

8. The Pastor Nominating Committee receives Pastor Information Forms from self-referred candidates

and other sources.

9. The PNC narrows the list to the top

5 - 10 candidates and preliminary reference checks are made by the PNC an/or liaison.

10. The PNC conducts interviews

(in person, teleconference, phone)

with top 5-10 candidates.


11. PNC narrows the list to the top 2 or 3 candidates. Reference checks are made by Presbytery staff.

12. The PNC brings in the top candidates for interviews. Simultaneously, the Presbytery liaison schedules Suitability and Fit interviews with the NCOM and PNC.

13. After a period of discernment, the committee extends a call to one candidate who has completed the Suitability & Fit interview. If the answer is "yes" background check is completed and proceed to next step. If "no" back up and repeat steps.


14. Inform the Liaison and Office Manager. Candidate meets with Examinations Committee. Call form is prepared and approved by the Session and NCOM.

15. Examination is successful and COM approves the call. The PNC

asks the Session to call a Congregational Meeting

16. The nominee is approved at a Congregational Meeting. Liaison, PNC and Candidate select an Administrative Commission for Installation, for approval. The call is presented by the PNC at the next Presbytery meeting.

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