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The Mission Study Group was appointed by the Transition Team to study and report on the mission of our church. Its job is to assess and describe the history of First Presbyterian Church, who it is today, and where we discern God is leading it in the future. The completion of a mission study is a necessary first step, required by the Presbytery, before our Pastor Nominating Committee begins its search for a new senior pastor. The Mission Study group and Dr. Danny Massie, our interim pastor, had major roles in the formulation and completion of the mission study. Dr. Massie was the "fresh eyes" that looked at FPC from all angles to help us all, and the Mission Study Group in particular, to identify FPC's strengths and weaknesses. Our church members, groups, committees, Session, and staff had vital input in this process too. The Mission Study Group gathered information about our history, our neighborhoods, our members, our Christian formation groups, discipleship, outreach, music, worship, neighborhoods, finances, and other things that describe who we are. It developed ways to listen carefully to our members’ thoughts, reflections, hopes and prayers about our church and where God is leading it in the future. Some examples were surveys, group meetings, and small gatherings in homes.

Click on the underlined green text below to read a recap of what the Mission Study Group learned from surveys and listing sessions, Dr. Massie's letter to the congregation and the Mission Study document.

Key themes from FPC Congregation Surveys and Listening Sessions

Letter to the congregation from Dr. Danny Massie
about the Mission Study
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Mission Study

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