Meet the Teams 

Well-coordinated leadership teams are essential when a congregation is addressing the Senior Pastor's retirement and seeking an excellent candidate to lead the church into its next chapter of ministry. Members of the Transition Team are already at work.  The other teams listed here will have members elected by the Session, or the FPC Congregation, or they will be recruited by the Transition Team for short-term projects. 

Transition Team

The Transition Team (TT) was formed when Sid asked Trip Adams, Nancy Abrams, John Atkinson, Cheryl Crago, Susan DeVaney, Stu Johnston, Kate Pierce, and Mark Yarbrough to help lead the transition for his departure from FPC. In early meetings with Sid and Executive Pastor Neil Dunnavant, the TT's work  includes establishing a group to write a comprehensive Mission Study, slating a short-term nominating committee for the Pastoral Nominating Committee, organizing an event to celebrate the retiring pastor’s ministry, and writing a job description for and selecting an interim pastor to preach and lead the church until a new, full time pastor is called and installed.

Meet the Transition Team


The Pastor Nominating Committee Nominating Committee, (PNCNC) is a small group of active FPC members representative of different ages, genders, and ministry interests. They will be approved by the Session and will  create a slate of PNC candidates for election by the congregation.


The Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) is a small group of FPC members drawn from various elements of the congregation (different ages, races, genders, interests) whose mission is finding our next senior pastor by collecting information, vetting, and interviewing potential candidates for the senior pastor position. The PNC is elected by the congregation. and reports only to the congregation. Their work is highly confidential.

Mission Study 

The Mission Study is an in-depth analysis of all aspects of the church: mission statement, ministries, history, membership and community demographics, attendance and giving trends, our current financial position and projections, traditional and contemporary worship, programming, community needs and engagement, congregational needs, and pastor qualifications, undertaken by a group of members for the purpose of evaluating both current status and future goals. It is created in collaboration with the interim pastor  to provide information the PNC will use as it seeks the new called and installed pastor.


The Celebration Team led by Sheri Evans and Penne Prigge planned and executed the wonderful celebration of  Sid and Cathy's 18 years of ministry with us. The October 14, 2018 party filled the Life Center with members, Batts' family members and friends wishing Sid and Cathy a joyous and well-deserved retirement. A "Fruit of the Spirit" book offered attendees an opportunity to add remembrances and comments for the Batts to enjoy reading in their new home.

More teams?

Although the teams listed on this page address the major "to-do" work ahead of us as we manage the transition "decently and in order," we may need another team or a few. Check back here over the summer and in the fall to see team needs that may develop.


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